Reduce Air Conditioning Costs Today

Reduce Air Conditioning Costs Today

Reduce Air Conditioning Costs Today

As we begin to head into the warmer months, air conditioning costs for homeowners in Murfreesboro, TN and middle TN begin to grow more and more every month. Our experience in the air conditioning repair industry in Murfreesboro has shown that with a few simple techniques, homeowners can drastically reduce the cost of their air conditioning utility bills and ac repairs in general.

Airstream Services wants to help you lower your heating and utility costs with a few simple tips. With just utilizing these tips, Murfreesboro homeowners have been able to reduce their air conditioning and ac repair costs by as much as 30%.

  • Turning down or closing the blinds and shades

As much as 30% of hot air can be attributed to the heat coming in through your windows. By simply shutting the blinds or turning them down a little can drastically reduce the amount of heat coming through your windows.

  • Open windows across your home

By opening the windows across your home, this allows a nice breeze to come into your home allowing it to stay cool during the night. Just remember to close the windows and the blinds in the morning.

Turn on your fans and allow the breeze to help cool your home. If the AC is not on, open the windows and allow the cross currents to help increase the air flow and coolness even more.

As a general rule of thumb, change your HVAC filter monthly to ensure the air flow is flowing and not prohibited by debris and clogged filters.

Airstream Heating & Cooling is always doing our best to helping our customers save money and help ensure our neighbors are comfortable throughout the hot summer months. We offer a VIP spring service if you would like to ensure that your air conditioning unit is running in peak performance and to reduce the amount of ac repairs you will need in the future.

 Give Airstream Heating & Cooling a call today for all your HVAC and air conditioning repairs today!

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