Murfreesboro Heating Preparations

Murfreesboro Heating Preparations

Murfreesboro Heating Preparations

As the winter looms over Rutherford County residents, many families do not consider the Murfreesboro heating preparations that could help prevent emergency situations that could help their families for the harsh winters. Having your heating system inspected is one of the single most important items to prepare for the winter.  HVAC companies are generally in high demand once the winter kicks in to gear because unlike the summer, winter conditions are almost impossible to get by without a properly working heating system in place.

Airstream Services provides semi-annual HVAC home inspections for just $99/year in which we will gladly come by before both the winter and summer months to fully inspect your HVAC systems to ensure it is functioning properly.

Healthy heating tune-ups will include:

  • Checking all electrical components, heating elements, motors and connections
  • Testing pilot light and ignition 
  • Inspect gas connections and burner combustion 
  • Inspecting heat exchanger 
  • Testing air flow 
  • Checking the thermostat for optimal comfort and efficiency

HVAC Service Plans also include:

  • Front of the Line Scheduling – As an Airstream service member, when you are in need of service you will receive priority scheduling.
  • No Emergency Fees – When you are an Airstream service member, you never pay an emergency fee. This includes weekends, holidays, and late nights(24/7).
  • Additional Discounts on Repairs – You get a 10% discount on repairs when you are an Airstream service member.

Another consideration when thinking about heating your home is that heated air has very low humidity. This means you will soon have dry skin and are more prone to colds and the flu. Think about an automatic humidifier to your HVAC system. This will help with the humidity throughout your home for generally much less than individual humidifiers for a single room.

You can access our one page annual service agreement here:


Call Airstream Services today to set up your annual HVAC tune-up and service to ensure the safety and on-going performance of your heating system.

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