Hiring The Right Air Conditioning Contractor

Hiring The Right Air Conditioning Contractor

Hiring The Right Air Conditioning Contractor

When choosing an air conditioning contractor in Murfreesboro, TN, there are a few things you need to consider before inviting someone into your home and spending your hard earned money. Airstream Services has a few things to consider as we enter the hot summer months and you begin to start cooling down your home.

Air conditioning contractors will always have opportunity in Murfreesboro, TN because of the dog days of summer. Homeowners begin to crank on their HVAC system to compensate for the hot summer days, homes overheating, and to ensure their families are comfortable. Just because an HVAC contractor has a website or states that they are the best, you should always do your homework before calling.

1. Check out the HVAC contractors reputation

The first thing you should always check on is the Air conditioning contractors credentials and reputation. You can do this through checking out reviews on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. Don’t just look at the positive reviews but check out the negative reviews to see if there may be a general theme with that contractor. For example, if you see multiple bad reviews for the contractor not showing up, or charging for the service call and not fixing the HVAC unit properly.

2. Where Can I Find an HVAC Contractor?

Verify certifications on sites such as North American Technician Excellence(NATE) and check out if the contractor is EPA certified. This is a good way to identify if the contractor is license and insured. You can also check out Angie’s List in which you can also see their reviews.

3. Verify Contractors License & Insurance

Verify whether your air conditioning contractor is licensed by the county. A lot of “contractors” can easily throw up a website and call themselves an HVAC contractor so you will want to verify they are not only licensed but insured. If the contractor is not insured, this can cost you a lot of money if something goes wrong and the contractor skips out and doesn’t want to fix the problem.

You can verify this information on the Contractor’s License Reference Site and National Contractors.

4. Expect a Home Evaluation

Make sure that the air conditioning contractor does a complete evaluation on your HVAC system. Oftentimes you may have a small leak that will cost you the price of a service call and other times you may need a full air conditioning replacement. Ensure you are given an adequate inspection and even a second inspection can often help you if one contractor is telling you that you need a brand new system. After given a quote, do a little research to find out if what is proposed is the right size system for your home.

5. Solid Contract

All work should be stated in the contract and should be fully written out prior to the work with the amount the work will cost to get the job done. After a proper inspection, the HVAC contractor should be able to uncover what the problem is and how much it will cost. Get it in writing so the contractor is not coming back to you for more money. Make sure the contract has payment amounts, project completion timeframe, contact information, and the type of work to be completed.