Commercial Infrared Thermography Applications

Commercial Infrared Thermography Applications

Commercial Infrared Thermography Applications

For industrial and commercial applications, maintaining equipment efficiency and long term reliability can lead to higher revenue and profits. Using infrared thermography, you can transform infrared measurements and construct radiometric images. Temperature is widely used in measurements and it can reliably indicate the condition of an object. Infrared imaging is particularly useful because you can inspect temperatures without disassembly, in places with limited or no access, and without touching! With the right infrared camera, you can even see through flames. Airstream Services in Nashville, TN utilizes infrared technology to ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance, can find potential bottlenecks and can help troubleshoot any issues related to your equipment. Here are some infrared applications for your commercial equipment.

Electrical Equipment Infrared Applications: This can detect problems such as overheating, loose connections, poor contacts, overloading, capacitor breakdowns and unbalanced loads. For transformers, you can detect blocked cooling passages, loose connections, poor contacts, overheated bushings. In manufacturing facilities, the electrical infrared applications becomes even broader. From all the previously mentioned to motor overheating detection, tank levels, to process line inspections, even circuit board inspections.

Boilers and Steam Systems Infrared Applications: In this area, one of the most common infrared applications is the inspection of insulation breakdown. Hot gas leaks can lead to wastage energy, which means losses for a business. For steam systems, a common infrared application is to check joint or valve leakage. Infrared inspection is also be used to check on the effectiveness of the insulation. You can also use infrared thermography leakage inspection in underground systems. For steam traps, you can detect tap malfunction, which can lead to the trap failing to open. Loss of steam and wasted energy are avoided.

Mechanical Equipment Infrared Applications: For internal combustion engines, industrial infrared thermography can detect blocked air coolers and radiator tubes. You can detect air leaks and clogged condenser tubes in refrigeration systems; do heat exchanger monitoring, etc. For pumps, compressors, fans and blowers, infrared thermography applications include detecting overheated bearings and increased discharge temperatures or excessive oil temperatures. Broken and defective valves detection. Insulation breakdown, corrosion and increased bearing and gear temperatures detection in kilns. In large manufacturing plants with thousands of rollers in their conveyor systems, an infrared inspection can quickly and cost effectively inspect which rollers under conveyor are going out, by the heat the failure generates.

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