AC Repair Tips Murfreesboro TN

AC Repair Tips Murfreesboro TN

AC Repair Tips Murfreesboro TN

Now that it is getting warmer, it is time to start thinking about ways to save money around your air conditioning and HVAC system. Airstream Services would like to provide some AC repair tips Murfreesboro TN home owners can use to save money while keeping cool in the summer:

Check your breaker
Sometimes if that unit is completely out, it is a sign that the breaker could have been tripped. If you are unsure how to check the breaker, usually there is a neighbor or family member that will be able to assist you with checking this out. This is generally a pretty quick and easy thing to check.

Examine your thermostat
Another easy and cost effective tip is to check the batteries, and possibly replace them. Ensure the unit is turned to the AC setting and not fan and that the temperature is below the room temp.

Change your filter
Changing your filter is imperative to a long lasting HVAC system and to keep your system operating at peak performance. A dirty filter can cost you lots of money by operating with a lower air flow. Change your filter every 3-4 months for best results.

Melt any ice
If you are seeing your system ice up, you will want to melt the ice to keep the system running better. Turn your AC system to fan and let it run for an hour or until the ice is melted.

Give it a good cleaning
Often the system may just be dirty. Instead of an actual air conditioner repair, the unit may just need to be cleaned. On the outside unit you can carefully clean the fan blades and remove any debris from inside or near the unit. The condenser fins can be cleaned also. Be very careful when fooling with blades and fins as they are easy to bend and break. Also, make sure the unit is off when you clean it.

Examine your ducts
Check out your ducts to make sure air is coming out of them. In the event they are dirty enough to block air flow they will surely need to be cleaned. Often a register may have been accidentally closed partly or even all the way.

Airstream Services is always here to help with any air conditioning questions to avoid those costly AC repairs. If you are in need of an AC repair, give us a call!

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